2017-06-08 17:37:48
Canned industry is China's traditional characteristics of the industry, nearly 20 years to obtain rapid development. But how can it be through the innovation so that young people later prefer food canned food, canned food has a new understanding is very important thing. So, how to innovate is the top priority of the enterprise!
China Canned Industry Association 20 anniversary, many industry experts attended the meeting and published a constructive proposal.
First, the domestic market has great potential
Canned industry is the traditional Chinese export industry, is currently the food industry's most important export industry, each year 3 million tons of canned food exports to the world more than 150 countries and regions, some canned varieties have occupied an absolute advantage in the international market and larger market Share. But the level of consumption in China is still very low, the current per capita consumption of only 6 kg, while the United States 92 kg, the EU 56 kg, Japan 30 kg, showing the huge potential of the domestic market. Change the attitude of domestic consumers on canned food, stimulating domestic demand is the canning industry and enterprise development of the top priority.
Second, strengthen the canned industry brand building
The main problem in the current canning industry is the lack of brand building. It is understood that China's canned industry, to their own brand exports or in the domestic market to form a certain degree of visibility of the enterprise is only about 5%; have their own brand but only in a certain area of ​​domestic enterprises have a certain visibility of nearly 15%; surplus 80% of the canned enterprises are basically no brand. Canned industry as a mass consumer goods industry, the brand is particularly important, and with the international status of China's canned industry to enhance the call to the brand is also increasingly urgent. Therefore, the canned industry to actively implement the brand strategy, to create a strong brand, is an important way to grow and develop enterprises.
Third, the development of marketable products
Canned industry to meet the needs of the domestic market, we must first understand the needs of consumers, to develop really suitable for consumer demand products. In addition, in the international trend of canned food, canned food began to open up the market in the catering industry, catering and canning docking is the canned food in the kitchen after the processing of the kitchen, if this way can be extended to ordinary consumers , Then the market share of canned food will be further improved.
From the point of view, and cans can be sent to the industry with the times, know how to innovate the canned brand. And canned cans can see through the development trend of the canned market, and constantly upgrade their products, only to win the trust of many consumers!