2018-03-07 15:55:26

Canned pear is one of the canned fruit that we often eat. It has the effect of relieving cough and cold. On top of that, the fiber content of pears is so high that it also assist digestive system. Let's take a look!

High fiber content. A pear contains six grams of fiber content allowing you to feel full longer, avoiding mindless snacking which in turn causes weight gain. Pears also contain pectin fibers that lower blood sugar level. Aside from that, pectin also removes toxins and excess water from our body while promoting blood and water metabolism.

Most of the pears sold in winter shopping stores are stored during the fall. Believe it or not, they're not fresh at all! Instead, canned pear provides you with the best alternative. The pears are picked only hours before canning. Canning process will take 3-5 hours, no added preservation or additives providing you with fresh, healthy, and juicy pears. Craving for pears now? But be careful. Pear should not be consumed with crab or pork. Consumption with crab could cause severe diarrhea and consumption with pork could damage your kidney.