2018-03-07 11:52:55

(1) Sensory index

1. Canned mandarin orange Appearance The tangerine meat surface has a similar luster to the original pulp, with a more consistent color and more transparent sugar water, allowing for a slight white precipitate and the presence of a small amount of orange meat and crust caps.

2. Taste Odor The canned mandarin orange have the flavor of this species, sweet and sour taste, no smell.

3. Organizational form of the entire shed clothing orange slices of orange network, seeds, clothing to the net net, tissue moderate hardness, orange tablets complete shape, size is roughly uniform, the broken rate of not more than 10% of the solid content , half off Sachets orange tablets capsule clothing to go moderate, no sense of gravel eating, neatly cut, full and complete form, the size is roughly uniform, the broken rate of quality does not exceed 30% of the solid (each broken in 1 / 3 or more According to broken theory).

4 Canned mandarin orange impurities not allowed to exist.

(2) physical and chemical indicators

1. Canned mandarin orange Net permissible tolerance of ± 5%, but not less than the average net weight of each batch.

2. Solid content and sugar content The pulp content of not less than 50% of the net weight, open the canned sugar concentration (by refractometer) of 12% to 16%.

3. Heavy metal content per kg of tin products does not exceed 100 mg, copper does not exceed 5 mg, lead does not exceed 1 mg.

(3) Microbial indicators

Non-pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms caused by the role of corruption.