2018-01-29 17:14:15

We often eat a variety of canned fruits in our lives.  Canned fruits can be preserved for long periods of time without losing the original taste of the fruit, even as it is still fresh in winter.


The production of cans has long been preserved as a result of aseptic techniques conducted by canned manufacturers to sterilize cans and maintain aseptic conditions. However, due to the wide variety of canned producers, the size of the producing merchants is also different. Therefore, the quality of the market is also uneven, then how can we pick the good quality, safe and healthy canned food? Large canned manufacturers here to introduce several ways.



How to choose cans to see the quality:

1. Visual: The first observation is the production date code: 040118 implies to January 4, 2018 (also said 20180104). The cans should be clean and sturdy. You might find a bit of rust on the trademark, sealing the tight glass jars. Observe the juice. It should be transparent or slightly the color of the natural fruit juice.


Tips by hand: By hand, the lid of the can is slightly grained. Try pressing the lid. If it immediately rises back, it proves a proper canning process.


Knocking method: Try knocking the bottom of the can. A loud clear sound indicates good quality. If it sounds muddled, it indicates the lack of capacity within the can, as it contains more gas. The sound of "puff puff" indicates deterioration of the can. You can try placing the can in the water to watch for leaks.


With these methods, you can choose more carefully, to better identify which canned manufacturers is a good producer. Hope these experiences can help you.