2018-01-29 16:59:39

The standards for taste and quality for fruits is increasing by years. Anti-seasonal fruits are no longer favored, on the contrary, preserved canned fresh fruits are rising the popularity wave. The increase in the demand has led to a dramatic expansion in the production and storage of canned fruits, which also contributed to the increase in the number of factors that can adversely affect the preservation of canned fruits. So, how do we preserve canned fruit?


1, choose a well-canned fruits cans. If the canning of the canned food is poorly sealed, the canned food is exposed to the air and causes deterioration.

2, avoid keeping canned fruits in a hot environment and direct sunlight, this is not conducive to the preservation of canned fruits.

3, choose high-quality manufacturers. Fruit canning requires strict and thorough sterilization process. This process is conducted by professionals with advanced technology to ensure safety. If there is a problem with the production process or if the sterilization is not thorough, it will affect the shelf life of canned fruits.


Canned products are convenient for storage and transportation. We don't need to be too concerned about the preservation of its own essence. The key is to make sure to choose a high-quality canned fruit production plant, which will be decisive for the preservation of canned fruits.