2018-01-29 17:08:16

Canned peaches delicious taste has caught the attention of countless customer around the world. To accumulate higher profit, some manufacturers will add additives such as acesulfame-K to enhance the sweetness of their products. Acesulfame is a food additive, a chemical, similar to saccharin, soluble in water. It increases the sweetness of food and has no nutrient components whatsoever. It's hard to absorb by human's metabolic system and is the fourth generation of the world's current synthetic sweetener. With the usage of acesulfame, product's sweetness will increase significantly, around 30% ~ 50%. Acesulfame K is 130 times sweeter than sucrose. Saccharin brings a similar quality, with high concentrations of bitterness. Regular consumption of synthetic sweeteners will cause harm to the human liver and nervous system, especially for the elderly, pregnant women, children. With a large number consumption in a short-term period, an acute thrombocytopenia bleeding might occur. By enhancing the sweetness, the raw ingredient itself will lose its natural taste and fragrance. Therefore, high-quality manufacturers only produce green, no added Acesulfame natural canned peaches.

Produced by high-quality manufacturers can not add canned peaches nectar, preservatives, pigments and other harmful substances, only high-quality white sugar to increase the sweetness. 

According to consumer's preferences, the most common sweetness for syrup is 14-16 brix. This ensures the sweetness not to overpower the natural juice and taste of the fresh peach.

In conclusion, to ensure safe consumption, only purchase canned products from a high reputation manufacturers.